Issue Resolution Process (IRP)

The Issue Resolution Process (IRP) project seeks to solicit input about revising or clarifying the process for handling grievances at the local and state levels related to the Mental Health Services Act and other mental health services.  The Commission established a three commissioner subcommittee chaired by Commissioner Khatera Aslami Tamplen with additional members, Commissioner Larry Poaster and Commissioner Tony Thurmond, to lead this project.   On April 8, 2016, the subcommittee convened a public meeting to explore IRP issues with presentations from Los Angeles County and Napa County.  At the Commission meeting on April 26, 2016, panels of clients, county staff, and DHCS staff presented on current IRP issues and process.  Currently, project staff are recommending one or two more subcommittee meetings to examine model complaint resolution processes and to hear suggested solutions for IRP issues.  Lastly, it is expected that the subcommittee will present IRP policy recommendations to the full Commission in October, 2016.