Community Wellness Research Project

The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) is dedicated to reducing the long-term impact of mental illness on individuals, families, and their communities. MHSA specifically identifies seven negative outcomes that may result from untreated, undertreated or inappropriately treated mental illnesses, which include 1) suicide, 2) incarceration, 3) school failure or dropout, 4) unemployment, 5) prolonged suffering, 6) homelessness, and 7) removal of children from their of females smiling

Working with the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), the Commission has authorized a Community Wellness Research Project to develop key metrics of the seven negative challenges and unmet needs in California.   

The Commission intends to improve public awareness of mental health needs and challenges in California and address the negative consequences of untreated mental illness. 

The Commission contracted with the UCLA Center for Health Services and Society to conduct extensive public engagement and background research to build recommended measures relating to:

  • Negative outcomes of mental illness,
  • Prevalence rates of mental illness by major demographic categories suitable for supporting the evaluation of disparities in mental health service delivery and outcomes,
  • The impact(s) of mental health and substance use disorder conditions (e.g., disease burden),
  • Capacity of the service delivery system to provide treatment and support, and
  • Successful delivery of mental health services population health measures for mental health program client populations

UCLA has formed a Community Partnered Advisory Committee to provide advice and feedback on the design, implementation and dissemination of the research.

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Project Goal

To develop and execute a plan to identity, gather, maintain, display and disseminate key metrics of the negative outcomes of mental health challenges and unmet needs in California. 



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